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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kahin to hoga

Mon to Thur

Kahiin To Hoga
was an Indian soap opera shown on STAR Plus between September 8, 2003 and February 16, 2007 and can be seen on STAR Utsav as repeats. The show was created by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.
Kahiin To Hoga is a story of five sisters: Kashish, Mouli, Mehek, Kanan and Charu. They are like the five fingers of a hand — each different from the other yet connected by the same middle-class values.The story is about kashish and her four sisters. It's her birhtday when her car accidental hits sujal's car she runs away from there but is scared to tell the police about it.Her daddy tells her to go and the police that her car crashed in to someone. so she does.kashish goes for her interview in sujal's office "sujal is the person that she crashed her car with" she doesn't know that he starts asking her weird questions.She takes her failure for granted. Sujal happens to meet kashish at a restaurant with her sisters she introduces him to her sisters.They starts to say about stuff about him.Later they come to know that sujal the person whom they had left unattended in the accident.Kashish gets the job but is nervous.

Due to an unexpected twist of fate she ends up marrying his best friend Piyush. This is the beginning of a serious misunderstanding between Sujal and Kashish and from there on and Kashish's life takes a new turn. She follows the path that is to be her destiny and will come to question all the beliefs she ever stood for. This triangular, fatal love story of Kashish-Sujal-Piyush also involves and affects the life of the other four sisters.

Later on Kashish also starts loving Piyush. And as story proceeds Sujal tries to create a lot of misunderstanding between Kashish and Piyush. He also tries to defeat Piyush in his attempt to win Kashish, but this however brings Kashish and Piyush closer to each other. (Even though Sujal may be seen as the antagonist, he is actually one of the most loved character of the series.) But at last when Sujal decides not to interfere in Kashish-Piyush's life, Piyush dies in a road accident.

After few months Akshat- Kashish's a friend of hers from school times enters into the life of these five sister who was a lawyer. He joins Sujal's firm. One of the sisters, Mehek, who was pregnant with Rishi's (Sujal's younger brother) child, was also in love with Varun, Piyush's younger brother , gets married with him with the help of Sujal.

Kashish marries Sujal to seek revenge because she thinks Sujal killed Piyush. She even sends Sujal to jail but realises Sujal is innocent and she falls in love with him again. Sujal gets into an accident which causes memory loss and plastic surgery. He returns as Tushar. Tushar falls in love with Kashish not knowing that's his wife. Kashish also falls in love, but denies the feelings. Charu loves Tushar and not knowing that's Sujal, Kashish marries the two. Kashish soon realizes Tushar is Sujal, but tells him to stay married to Charu. Mouli(Kashish's sister) and Siddharth(Mr.Ahulwalia's son) soon get married, and Mouli, later on, gets pregnant. Charu is killed. Kashish marries Mr. Ahluwalia to find Charu's killer. Sujal seeks revenge from Kashish, because she didn't keep her promise of marrying him. So he pretends to romance Gayatri, Mr.Ahluwalia's daughter. Kashish gets jealous, although she knows he is faking it. Mr. Ahluwalia is soon killed and so is Kashish's father. Kashish finds the murderer of Charu, Mr.Ahluwalia, and her father. It's Siddharth. When Mouli learns that the father of her unborn baby is a murderer, she kills him. Sujal finds out Kashish's marriage was fake. They get back together and live happily ever after.


* Rajeev Khandelwal ... Sujal Garewal

* Aamna Shariff ... Kashish Garewal

* Rohit Bakshi ... Piyush Raheja

* Poonam Joshi/Vaani Sharma ... Mahek Garewal

* Surveen Chawla ... Charu Garewal

* Ashlesha Sawant / Preeti Puri ... Mouli Ahluwalia

* Chaitanya Choudhury ... Akshat Shergill

* Kirti Gaikwad ... Kannan Sinha

* Chetain Pandit / Amit Talwar ... Professor Sinha

* Madhavi Gogate / Beena Aggrawal ... Veena Garewal

* Deepak Parashar ... Chetan Garewal

Directed by Ekta Kapoor

Star Parivaar Awards

Winner In 2005

Winner In 2006

Winner In 2007

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